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About Us

We are

an Outsource Service Company with the ability to offer, Selected Bilingual staff to work remotely, in a secure and controlled place, in our Work Centers located in Costa Rica.

We always seek long-term relationships with our Clients based on trust, integrity and a model of mutual benefit where we can grow and generate work and well-being for our Collaborators and Partners around the world.

Our core


We are


 to creating successful relationships






Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is recognized as a politically and socially stable country. It is characterized in the outsourcing services market by having a large bilingual workforce, high level of education, great ability to learn and talent. Relatively low costs compared to the USA, which has made it the preferred location in Latin America for leading companies in the high tech and BPO services industry such as IBM, Intel, VMware, Microsoft, P&G, HP, AT&T, Amazon, among others. Also, Costa Rica is considered one of the greenest countries in the world, a benefit that motivates large companies to develop operations in order to contribute to the world's environmental responsibility.

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Share your needs with us and we will recruit the ideal team for you!

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